The Benefits

While the specific benefit depends on the condition being treated, medical massage therapy can:

  • relieve nerve entrapment and compression

  • decrease pain and inflammation

  • aiding digestion

  • improve coordination and posture

  • prevent future chronic pain conditions


Eliminating the base cause of pain, medical massage therapy is also cost effective due to less time away from work for side-effects with pain reducing drugs.

Neck and Shoulder Massage

The Technique

Medical massage incorporates many techniques to address muscle and skeletal issues diagnosed by a doctor.

Massage Therapist can't legally diagnose a patient with a condition therefore a doctor referral or prescription is required especially to bill the patient's insurance. The therapist may work from a physician’s prescription or as an adjunct healer within a hospital, chiropractic or physical therapy setting.

Performing medical massage requires a firm background in pathology and utilizes specific treatments appropriate to working with disease, pain, and recovery from injury. 

For this treatment we use the massage gun, and/or electric stimulation and can be mostly done fully clothed.

Osteopath at Work

The Prices

You can find our medical Referral/Prescription Form here and have your doctor fax it back to us.


We are a preferred provider within Kaiser's Choose Healthy Network. You may receive a 25% discount across all our services. Please note you can book online but a Doctor's note or Medical Insurance card is required at time of appointment and will remain on file for this discount.


This Service can be performed in:

45 Minutes | $67.50

60 Minutes | $82.50

75 Minutes | $97.50

Recommendation will vary pending prescription