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Indulgence: Massage & Sex, What's the difference?

I recently just accepted the fact that I'm that crazy Bodywork Specialist (Certified Massage Therapist by the state of California #15067) who believes massage much like wine goes with E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. When I say everything I mean there's nothing you can think of where I can't find a correlation back to a need for massage therapy. In fact, I challenge you to do so! Don't worry... I'll wait. (Katt Williams reference)


There's so many different types of massage therapy and its constantly evolving. New research and studies frequently show just how important touch (both non-sexual and sexual) really is. After all physical touch (both Sexual and Non-Sexual) is a form of love according to "The Five Love Languages" book by Author Gary Chapman. Timeout! Wait, hold on! Stop... I know what you're thinking. So if massage is a form of non sexual physical touch, and physical touch is a form of love, then I should love myself more regularly; by seeking out an expert such as a certified massage professional in my area? Well, why yes of course! Still not convinced that you should get massage regularly. Ok well think about it. What does sex do for you? Releases Tension, Stimulates Your Body, Reduces Anxiety, Helps You Sleep and Makes You Happy! Shut the front door! MASSAGE THERAPY DOES THE EXACT SAME THING! Those are all benefits of massage. So again, why aren't you getting it regularly? Before you make time for sex, think massage therapy an book an appointment to show how much you love yourself. Indulge a little! I promise its not selfish, it's being healthy. Alternatively, you could look at it like if you happen to have bad sex, at least you have a great massage to look forward too!

This is your new favorite crazy person Bodywork Specialist Monique Jenkins reminding you that your "Health is your Wealth, so you might as well Invest in Yourself!"

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