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Medical Massage Therapist & Self Care Expert

A Northern California native with southern roots; initially, became a certified massage therapist with the intent she'd be able to assist her future pro-athlete spouse. Fortunately, she learned early on as she gained first-hand experience working with athletes in the Sports & Entertainment Industry, that dream was not for her! Monique did however, fall in love with the clinical aspects of massage. Whether it was the increased mobility, decreased pain level or accelerated recovery her clients vocalized, she was passionate about enhancing their quality of life and that gave her instant gratification.


As an herbalist by nature, lifelong student and dedicated professional, she loves tapping into her healing powers to problem solve and educate her community about ways to work smarter not harder. With over a decade of experience and a wealth of knowledge, this bodyworker is a jack of all trades and sees no signs of stopping anytime soon; in fact, she believes this is only the beginning.