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Relax & Renew...Un-Wind!!!

These Spa Treatments are offered on the following dates:


August 9th & 23rd, September 6th & 20th

Un-Wine Wednesday's is the ultimate treat for yourself. Come indulge in relaxation, network in delighted conversation or rejuvenate in some much needed yet well deserved "ME TIME" with this midweek delight. We offer a variety of signature treatments from foot baths to hand scrubs. 

Every "Happy Hour Spa Treatment" consist of a warm neck wrap and our featured wine or signature mimosa on the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of every month from 5pm to 8pm.         

​Happy Hour + Spa Treatments = A Great Time!

  • Aurora8:08
  • Devic Dances5:43
  • Coeur de Lion6:30
  • Heartland4:43
  • The River Why4:14
  • From Heart to Crown9:35
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